More fun in the wacky world o’ economics! Fewer companies go public!

Have you done your research and selected the company you want to invest in? Too bad! Your money’s no good here! The hottest companies now are reserving the right to invest in them for...drum roll...the already rich! Them who has, and all. And another brick in the wall.

Why should you expect to have a “right” to buy into a company? You don’t! You don’t have a “right” to an investment opportunity, or a well-paying job, or a job at all, or a college education, or health care, or food, or a place to live, or anything! You want rights? Get rich! Want to get rich? Better think of a different way than investing! You still have the right to whine! At a soldier’s funeral if you like, even, but nobody’s listening unless you can get on Fox TV! But you have no right to that either, it’s private property!