We pull together in times of adversity. Where did THAT idea come from? It certainly doesn’t describe the behavior of large groups. Quite the opposite. Look at the US. Look at Europe. Look at the world. We are in a bit of economic distress, last I noticed. And the only pulling we have is hair out.

And just look at this election! Now, has the tone of the campaign been one in which the candidates, recognizing our need to pull together in adversity, been thoughtful and constructive? Or does it more resemble the deliberative atmosphere of, say, a mutiny? Of chimpanzees.

It’s been at least a four year mutiny already, ever since Mitch McConnell signaled the need for Obama to fail, and his party has been pretty nearly in lockstep to make that happen. I guess there is your pulling together. As for the other half of the country? Half gets the pulling-together, the other half gets the adversity!