No, Mitt, it’s not “the politics of resentment” as you so calculatingly put it, it’s the politics of not wanting the game rigged against you.

Lots and lots and lots of Americans work hard and play by the rules and can’t help but wonder about the nature of those rules, judging by the outcomes. The outcomes are that everybody is working as hard as they ever have, harder, actually, if they can still find a job, that is, but the rewards are going more and more to a tiny group of hyper-rich. Why is that, people wonder? Maybe those “rules” they’ve been playing by have been getting changed on them. Duh. Followed closely by D’oh!

What’s the EVIDENCE that the rules are getting changed? And how exactly DO the rules change? HERE’S EXHIBIT A: The rich have been getting their taxes cut for thirty years, and surprise! are vastly richer than ever! And what is their policy recommendation now? They’re bankrolling Mitt Romney to LOWER their taxes AGAIN! Yes LOWER them, at the exact same time they wail about the deficits and sing beautiful songs about the need for budget PAIN! PAIN! FOR OTHERS! For them: more tax cuts! MORE tax cuts! MORE money! And PAIN for others! And Mitt is running to DO JUST THAT! And the rest of the GOP candidates respond by: ALSO advocating more tax cuts for the rich! Every single one of them! GOP legislators? GUESS! THAT’S how the rules get changed. Right there in front of your eyes! And we’ll see if the voters fall for it one more time.