There are STILL unanswered questions about the Benghazi scandal. Foremost among them is “Can the Republicans EVER let go of their obsession about Susan Rice on TV?” Can a dog ever let go of a bone? I don’t mind, particularly, that the Senators were badgering Secretary Clinton. She’s a grown-up and more than a match for them. I actually like the idea of officials being hauled out of their bubbles to answer questions from time to time and a hard question never hurt anybody, until, of course, you start getting into McCarthyite questions that is.

But the “scandal” of Susan Rice seems more about outrage that there wasn’t something, ANYTHING, available to derail the Obama re-election. If the facts as presented on the Sunday shows were not 100% up to the minute, in a situation where the facts were NEVER crystal clear, what of it? Even assuming the WORST possible motivations on the part of the administration? The exact nature of how the attacks started might reveal a lapse in security readiness, a lapse that was going to become known in time in any case, but in a sprawling global diplomatic security enterprise, something is going to occasionally go wrong somewhere. Responsibility needs to be established, but the only thing that was clear about this tragey from the start was that the “questions” about it were being cranked up to scandal proportions for political purposes, and apparently the fever still burns.

Also apparently, politics no longer stops at the water’s edge, but the water’s edge moves ever inland, as the sea rises due to the inaction of those otherwise fretful Senators, in the REAL scandal of misrepresentation, lack of preparation, and wanton dereliction of responsibility that you won’t see discussed accurately on those Sunday shows, either.