I’m painting my face! Scary red horizontal lines across my cheeks! A black vertical line in the center of my forehead. Maybe a blue beard! I’m going to put a necklace of fake bear teeth around my neck and shake a brightly-colored rattle! Halloween? No! Class warfare!

Truly, the cupboard of right-wing talking points about the rich/everybody-else divide must be howling-wind empty, if “class warfare” is the best they can come up with. Class-warfare does not mean anything to anybody. Maybe it did when people actually used words like “bourgeoisie” and “proletariat”, but now people just look into their wallets to see what’s what. I’m sure Fox News can be relied on for their usual strategy of repeating a talking point so many times that their viewers, who resemble nothing so much as lab rats pushing the lever with their little feet to get another food pellet, will start repeating it themselves as if it means something.

But the facts are out now and they won’t fit back in the bottle. Today’s relevant number is 275%. That’s the raise that the richest Americans have gotten over the last 30 years. Rather, given themselves. Good for them, you say? You betcha! But now let’s have a conversation about whether or not that was good for you. Or whether their contributions, in the public sphere OR the private one (Job creators! Huh?) are every single thing they ought to be. But no, WE CAN”T HAVE that conversation! Because the entire topic is off-limits CLASS WARFARE!

Pass the paintbrushes.