Yes the Obamacare roll-out was a noteworthy fiasco. The call for various heads to be also rolling out has commenced. The almost synchronized head shaking has caused the land to wobble. The I-told-you-so’s are thick in the air. But they actually didn’t tell us so.

The GOP is trying (sort of) hard to not be seen as ‘rooting for failure,’ but I don’t see why. They clearly are rooting for failure and they just shut down the government trying to force its failure.

They are in a bit of a bind here tactically. Of course they are thrilled that the website trouble slows the program down, but they have to act CONCERNED that the website isn’t working. They also have to act like the website confirms their worries, but their worries were not about whether the website would be balky. Their worry was that it would work and that people who had no healthcare would get healthcare and like it and the country would be stuck with another popular program that Tea Party people would insist the government keep its hands off of.

Anyway, will the GOP now help work out any problems? No, they will act to amplify any problems and create new ones as occasion permits. After all, what is at stake here is sick people getting health coverage, and the GOP has their own plan for those people.