Here’s a story worth reading, though it won’t tell you anything you don’t already know and won’t change your opinion about anything.

“It’s an end-run around transparency and disclosure laws. Corporate interests that would otherwise be required to register as lobbyists are writing legislation behind closed doors.”

It would be a good example of how corporations buy and write their own legislation, but you already know that’s what they do. Koch brothers. Exxon. Mobil. The usual suspects. Just one more example of the non-stop effort to ensure the destruction of Earth’s climate for fun and profit, without the fun. I would commend the story unto the raging populists of the Tea Party, but in one of the oddest twists in the history of populism, this particular group of populists can’t get ENOUGH of their corporate overlords buying and running the government. Why? Because the energy companies have told them that climate change is ALL MADE UP, and the energy corporations’ word on this is GOOD ENOUGH FOR THEM!

So the Teapopulistas will read this story and nod and murmur “You go, Galt!” and later look forlorn and confused and pouty wondering why there is no more FEMA to come and rebuild their house that the new climate tornado blew away.