Today I shall rant against the lack of imagination.

Generally speaking, imagination is overrated. Imagination is usually thought of as something that produces lots of clever, profitable ideas. This happens. The same way winning the lottery happens. It does, but don’t count on it working out that way often. An active imagination produces a non-stop kaleidoscope of crazy, unworkable, and as often as not, worrisome ideas.

Imagination is something I have some familiarity with. People ask me all the time where I get my cartoon ideas. Answer: I think them up! I use my imagination! But imagination is not like a stroll through a summer meadow and glancing down to discover a large cut and polished diamond glinting in the sunshine. Trying to deploy imagination on deadline is more like scraping around on the bottom of an empty barrel, with your teeth, trying to extract some slivers of wood still damp with bourbon. But enough of that side of the equation.

Sometimes imagination is good! And necessary! Like now! It’s time we grew out of the 20th Century! To where? That’s where imagination would come in! I’ve given you lots of hints already in past blog posts. Fat, juicy hints, like SPONGES just SOPPING with bourbon! (Refresher hint: robots can do ALL OUR WORK FOR US now!) Hey, we could MAKE something out of that! If only we could think of what.