The Washington Post yesterday gave some rare front-page coverage to the subject of climate change, but following the rules of the way this subject is covered, it wasn’t really about climate change, it was a story about Al Gore. And how Al Gore has prospered at the same time as he has championed the cause of fighting climate change. As far as I could determine, the story located no smoking guns regarding improper behavior by the former Vice President, just that he has invested in his interests and profited by them.

Great. So once again, climate change is a subject not about the climate, or the planet, or its species loss or habitat loss, or the new, destructive weather patterns, or past or potential storms, droughts, floods or wildfires, or coastal erosion or refugees or death. No it’s about Al Gore. The story didn’t get around to mentioning that Al Gore is fat, but others have, and will again. No, we can talk about climate in every way except the one way that matters. Regardless of what the story actually had to report, how do you suppose it will affect the debate? Any geniuses here want to take a guess?

USA Today, on the other hand, actually did get around to mentioning the way it matters. While the Denier Industry is busy trying to paint the subject as a government/scientist conspiracy to hobble Private Enterprise, here comes the front line of Private Enterprise, that has to actually start paying the due-bills of climate change, to say what THEY have discovered. Oh! Interesting, sort of, in a yawny, I’ll read that later kind of way. Can we get back to Al Gore now?