This is where I came in. When I started blogging the first item on my agenda was sending some Wall Streeters to jail. As I peer through the bars (from the outside), I do not see them in there, shackled, clustered and contrite. My work, then, is unfinished.

Yes, we have been distracted by the economy, distracted by the election, distracted by the passage of time. And as reported here, some say “occasional market collapses such as 1929 and 2008 are a small price to pay for a system of capital allocation that has produced vast sums of wealth.” SMALL price?? And paid BY WHOM?? And to whom did those vast sums of wealth accrue?

You telling me that that 200-story house of cards got built with NO illegal activity? And after the economy collapsed and the cards fell on YOU and it turned out the cards were 700-pound slabs of unreinforced concrete, you’re STILL going to tell me that? No of course you’re not. But Wall Street wants to tell us that. They are whistling! And smiling at the same time! Hard to do! They don’t want to pay any debt to society. They don’t even want to pay their taxes! Rules? The tiny few Obama has put in place? They HATE him for it.

“No one -- no one -- on Wall Street has paid a serious price.” Nice racket. But if we let this wound heal over without extracting the poison first, we will just continue to suffer, again and again. Justice isn’t about getting on with things, it is about building a healthy society of accountability. “Taking responsibility” as Mitt Romney might put it if he bothered to look anywhere but down at the underlings. Funny how the Galtian architects of this Ponzi scheme ended up still holding all the money after the dust settled. Funny for them. And if they can manage to bankroll a Romney victory, absolutely hysterical.