Yes, the convention wisdom has settled on the fact that the modern GOP is doomed because of its nihilism and short-sightedness and obstructionism and is caught in a death spiral of an ever-shrinking ever-more-intransigent base of aging white guys.

And we also read that the GOP could well win the Senate in 2014. That would give them both houses of Congress. Add in the Supreme Court for two-out-of-three branches of the government, and there you have a mighty spry-looking death spiral. So now we get to wait around for years waiting for the long arc of history to bend toward justice. Pull up a chair.

Meanwhile, Ben Bernanke, Fed chairman, is telling Congress that it is holding up the economic recovery that everyone is craving, because of short-sighted GOP austerity and general lack of governing capacity. And, oh you also have the climate heating up like a car parked in this week’s sun, and as temperatures rise, and tempers, we’ll deal with that by arming everyone. We’ll stand our ground because our feet are sinking into the melting asphalt.

But hey, the electoral map looks favorable in 2016 to elect another Democrat to another presidency of gridlock with an implacable legislature. We can look forward to that, at least! So in the short-term we are doomed, and in the long run we are dead. Now let’s go out there in that crazy world and sell democracy!