The incessant caterwauling about the liberal media is, of course mostly just a tactic, but the so-called liberal media are happy to play along. Yes, most reporters have gay friends, as does everyone, the difference being that reporters tend not to mutter ‘abomination’ to themselves about it. And some of them know, or even ARE women or minorities. There’s the case for liberal media. Guilty as charged.

Obama fawning? Not so much. Reporters for the most part don’t care about Obama or any other politician, just to clue you in. They are interested in the story. This can be the best thing about journalism, and the worst, depending on just how superficial the story of the day happens to be. And now with our ability to measure, to the person, and to the minute, what you are reading out there, don’t blame us for following you into the trash pile. In other words, we are what you click.

But all of this is really just a sideshow to the real question in American politics. Whether or not to preserve what’s left of the progressive tax code. Here’s the digest on that: this is one of the core ideas of progressive politics and so you might think you’d see some rather passionate advocacy of it in “liberal” press. Well, do you? Even for those few outlets that still pay lip service to the idea, when was the last time you saw a vigorous campaign for, or even sustained coverage of it? No, the situation is otherwise. We have slid from genuine progressive taxation to a nearly flat tax already, and we’re heading toward out and out regressive tax rates. The “liberal” media has collapsed in a swoon onto its fainting couch, and has discovered it to be surprisingly comfortable.