The polls are currently starting to whisper...shhhhh...listen closely for it....LANDSLIDE for Obama. Oh, of course, they may well “tighten” again. The press needs them to tighten, because all they care about is the horse...something. Oh, yeah, horserace. Yes, that’s what the press cares about the horseRACE, not the horse anything else. But then again, maybe the polls aren’t going to “tighten.” Maybe it’s the Necktie of Failure around Romney’s neck that is going to tighten. It doesn’t matter, the White House is out of his reach now, barring the most outlandish of scenarios.

And how is the GOP responding? This one I didn’t see coming, but for the life of me I don’t see how I missed it. They have concocted a little cottage industry, of you guessed it, POLL DENIAL. All regular polling is now MADE UP SCIENCE. They have created a little shop of “unskewed polls” which makes the numbers come out right for Romney by...hold your breath here...CHANGING THE NUMBERS. This is how the GOP has come to understand and present the world to themselves and others. Make something up, then make up numbers to support it, and get their side presented through the media as “one side of the debate.” Fun while it lasted, but this Party is over.

Whether or not Romney loses by a landslide, or just loses, it is now the scene in the movie where when one part of the edifice starts to fall, you realize he’s going to take the whole huge rotten structure down with him. The days of whine and poses are over. The 21st Century will officially recommence in November. We have some real work to do, and the Republicans have a ruined party to rebuild that can play a constructive role in American government.. Not a moment too soon. Actually about a decade late.