How do you know you need a vacation? Answer: you ALWAYS need a vacation. That was easy.

But when things really start to seem hopeless, or impossible to understand, or both, that might be another signal. Has there ever in all of time been a negotiation where one side said: “we will not compromise one single tiny bit on any thing whatsoever, even reasonable things, and if you do not yield on all points, completely and massively, we will take an action that we know will hurt everyone, including all innocent bystanders.” One, anyway, that was reported in newspapers as being a “negotiation?” I think tornados negotiate like that.

One side in this has “negotiated” away a lot of things they want, not in order to get some special favor in return, but to get something both sides say is needed. The other side will not do the “needed” thing if it requires them to actually negotiate over things they want. I am confused. I need a vacation.