Boehner announced that he’d like to put the nation back through the Deficit Ceiling Wringer because he finds it amusing when the form of Uncle Sam emerges from the rollers in flexible flattened out cartoon-like shape. Don’t we all. What is the rationale? Aside from amusement and the always-desirable obstruction and chaos, the only other reason I can think of is because we’ve been there before.

“Been-there-before” is the unofficial motto of the GOP in 2012. You can see why the Democrats settled on “Forward.” Tell me some ways that the GOP platform represents something we haven’t heard before. But not just heard! Seen! It’s not like the GOP is saying the same thing over and over until we try it. We HAVE tried it! Low taxes on the rich, light regulations on the financial institutions, itchy trigger finger in foreign policy. Only the faces of the presidential candidates have been changed to protect the guilty.

This was The Bush Era! The climactic culmination and glory years of all the forces Ronald Reagan set in motion. Result: Plutocracy, catastrophic economic collapse and a degree of foreign entanglements that the beloved-by-conservatives George Washington never ever dreamed of. Put the lessons of Bain Capital aside. What exactly is Romney promising that is different from George W Bush? Hands? Anyone? It is not Act II. Is is Act I all over again. And I am forgetful, remind me what about it we want to see repeated.