Yes, I’ll stop now. I’ll stop talking about the rich and their peculiar new role in our nation, its governance, and the media. I’ve said everything I have to say this week and last, and have said most of it at least twice. You are tired of it, I am tired of it, I will rest. TOMORROW I will rest. Today I shall flog away again, one last time, because I happen to be right, and it’s important.

Any business manager will tell you that it’s a bad set-up when decision-making and responsibility are separated in two different places. Yet that’s what we’re doing. Start with the fact that somehow or other we’ve thrown away the goal of economic equality in this country. It’s hard to find anyone left to even defend it as a concept. We now have a class of ultra-ultra-ultra wealthy (and NO, three ultras is not overstating it). This invites, in fact BEGS FOR the erosion of genuine democracy. The only possible way to lessen it is building as many walls as possible between money and politicians. But we are doing just the opposite. The Supreme Court is dutifully carrying out its instructions from the conservative interests which selected them for service. If certain justices wanted to do a cinematic portrayal of robot-like obsequience to the rich they couldn’t outperform what they’ve actually been doing. My modest proposal for today is to reconfigure the obviously outmoded House and Senate chambers with a single trading floor, complete with shouting floor bidders and an opening and closing bell. This will be a suitable transition to high-speed vote trading where you won’t need a room at all, and the people’s business can be transacted at speeds they can’t follow by people they can’t see.

What is finally galling about it all is how the wealthy have avoided taking any responsibility for the results of their takeover and agenda. That agenda, pretty simply, is lower taxes (foremost, lower taxes for THEM), with a side order of less regulation. They have gotten, more or less, what they wanted, but the coalition they assembled to get it has led to all manner of head-spinningly bad governance. But responsibility? Skate away on gilded skates! We are creating a system which invites the wealthy to run the government, but allows them complete hand-washing privileges when things don’t work out. I call that a guaranteed formula for bad outcomes. Yes, I’ll stop talking about it now (for a while) and you are invited to watch your government and think about it and decide for yourself if I’m wrong about this.