Last week we had more “freak” tornados. For those of my readers who like to flash their goofy smart-aleck smile about how they like climate change just fine thank you very much, I recommend a review of the tape showing how weather can simply erase a beloved community with the flick of a finger. And whether these exact, specific storms were caused by a warming climate doesn’t matter. This is the type of calamity we are BUILDING IN to our future. Enjoy huddling in your bathtub with your family. Maybe you can entertain them with your climate jokes and your goofy grin.

But freak storms and collapsing living rooms are just the tip of the melting iceberg. Contemplate massive agricultural drought, either permanent in huge regions, or sufficiently frequent as to make reliable farming impossible. Alternate that with unprecedented flooding and erosion. Can you see the unending waves of refugees yet? I bet you could if you tried!

We are soon, I hope, and soon enough, I pray, going to wake up from the reality-vacation that certain segments of our political culture have been indulging and encouraging. We can hope this year for a final glorious flame-out of the Unreality Show that one major political party has allowed itself to become. The wreckage of this deliberate irresponsibility will be greatest and most long lasting in the climate damage that has been occurring ON YOUR WATCH. And before you get misled yet again by those who continue to assert that there is still a big “question” about the science, here’s an answer.