Marco Rubio delivered the GOP “response” to the President Obama’s State of the Union Address. Out in the Twitterverse, the bubbly Ephemerata of the fast-reaction brigades seized on Senator Rubio’s awkward eyeballing of an off-camera bottle of water and his lonnnnng reach for the elusive refreshment, mid-speech. Me, I noticed his audible loud swallow. This hard swallow was the real GOP response to the State of the Union.

His speech might as well have been delivered on a screen with GAME OVER written across his chest. What do I mean? I mean this. Rubio said ”Medicare...provided my father the care he needed to battle cancer and ultimately die with dignity … And it pays for the care my mother receives now.” This is simply capitulation, as we knew would be coming at some time or other. Medicare providing care and dignity is the heart and soul and center of progressive politics as anybody alive understands it. The rest is arguing over details.

Of course he had to include a description of laws as “job-killing laws” as if he can’t imagine another kind, and make a truly low-brow, asinine swerve to say “our government can’t control the weather.” OOOH, zing! And the whole business about taxes is interesting and relevant, but it has been so distorted that it has stopped contributing to any intelligent discussion. Sure, you look at your paycheck and see that big hole that taxes leaves and think that’s a lot of money that you would like to have it. No kidding! Me too. This idea that liberals occasionally float that it’s an honor and privilege to pay taxes is not going to persuade many. But when someone says they’d like to have the money that goes away in taxes, the better reply is YOU DO HAVE IT! See that care and dignity your parents got? THAT’S YOUR TAX MONEY! RIGHT THERE! Rubio can see it. It’s like insurance. No, it IS insurance! Rubio sees it. Rubio likes it. Rubio defends it. Argument over. Now let’s discuss the terms of surrender.