Romney’s body locks up into a rictus and he wheels around with a look on his face somewhere between mirth and terror, and says in a tight voice veering toward a shout how much he enjoys laughing and then barks out a Gatling gun ha ha ha. The video is looped and Romney looks pretty inauthentic.

The search for the true Romney proceeds. But don’t we know already? I’m not even sure how valuable the effort is. The authenticity gauge makes sense with somebody you are going to deal with personally. A handshake either means something or it doesn’t. But let’s face it, there is no way a presidential candidate’s thousand grip-n-grins racing down the ropeline are going to have any meaning beyond hand-sanitizer sales.

On a national level, the best you can hope for is determining what politicians will actually do if elected. The goal of a politician is to convince everyone that he will cater to your wishes and screw the OTHER guy. The tricky part is avoiding the impression that this is what you are doing. Romney has stumbled here a bit, but he has until November to assemble his 51% of the deluded, (or a smaller percentage depending on the capricious Electoral College and Supreme Court). The coded wink and pally nudge are not Romney’s strong suit. His suits are his strong suit. He compensates by simply changing his positions and counting on short attention spans. He is running as a smart guy, and his recognition that we have short attention spans is some evidence for that.

But this one is not too hard to figure out. He chose to run as a Republican. His business background is finance. It’s pretty clear his idea of economics is: more freedom and rewards for the investor class. Decide for yourself if you agree. If you’re wrong, well then it’s ha ha ha.