We now get to watch what legal analysts tell us is Kabuki Theater of Supreme Court oral arguments. This I gather is now the third branch of our Kabuki Government where genuine deliberation by debate has gone the way of Socrates and his hemlock. We are informed that the questions the judges ask are not designed to elicit information to inform themselves, but are merely tea leaves, or tea party leaves for us to read in order to divine what they have already decided in their robey wisdom.

Meanwhile back in the real world, the actual law, as opposed to the fantasy-Kenyan-conspiracy version, is in effect and people could begin to debate it on that basis, except for the fact that public discussion is Kabuki Debate, designed for political positioning and 140-character digestibility.

And speaking of digestibility, I’ll digest the whole thing for you here. Health care is far more expensive in this country than it needs to be. This will be dealt with either by systematically trying to rationalize it with coverage available to everybody (through Obamacare or something else like it), or it will be done with the beautifully efficient indifference of the marketplace, including protracted, unnecessary suffering and preventable deaths for the uninsured. Here, let me act that out for you, Kabuki-style.