What could be of less concern than some guy somewhere who loses his way of life because of ours? http://dish.andrewsullivan.com/2013/04/21/displaced-by-drought/  In case the link doesn’t work (which has been happening a lot here lately) or because you’re not a clicker, it’s a brief item about how climate change has rendered an agricultural region in Africa unusable.

Naturally this wouldn’t be terrorism of any kind on our part, because we’re not trying to scare him or anything. We don’t have any particular bad feelings toward him. We don’t have any feelings toward him at all. It’s just not a concern of ours. You have to put his life and livelihood in the larger context of our comfort and convenience. It’s not terrorism if it’s about comfort and convenience.

No, it’s fine if his farmland dries up and blows away. Completely fine. Ask any elected representative in the United States government if it’s fine. “Yes it’s fine.” And when we see more of this in the years to come? That’s fine too. In fact, we are seeing some of it in our very own country, or we would if we could bring ourselves to look. But we can’t. There are larger factors at stake. Comfort and convenience being foremost among them!

But we do ask ourselves about terrorism, because that does concern us. How could anybody be so indifferent to the real suffering of others that they would deliberately inflict so much harm to innocent people, and to what purpose??? A real puzzler, that one!