When you move around, you get different thoughts.Here’s one. Not a Tocqueville-level thought, but I do what I can.

Americans moved around a lot after WWII and created this largely new suburban zone. And now that it’s been around for awhile, you can see that it is not really a zone as much as a boundary. America’s cultural boundary between one cultural identity that flows outward from the city, and another inward from rural areas. On one side, American cities have been reeling from urban flight and a changing economy. On the other, rural areas have ALSO been reeling from rural flight and a changing economy. So you have two sets of beleaguered refugees in a new America.

But you never really got a true suburban ethos. People are either urban-like or country-like, and what they don’t much like is each other. This is America’s cultural boundary, and in large measure, also its political boundary. The twain have met. They live next door to each other, but built a fence and they’re not on speaking terms.