Mitt likes to fire people. Actually what I like most to do is avoid this kind of campaign Tempest in a Teaparty. The swarming attention over tiny mistakes and missteps and misspeaking and misinterpretation is the bane, or Bain of the American electoral process, about as meaningful as dwelling on the religious lives of athletes.

Yes, Mitt’s remark about liking to fire people was taken out of context, in fact it was even taken out of the very sentence it was uttered in. He didn’t say he likes to fire employees, although he did earn a lot of his fortune doing just that, he meant to say he likes firing service providers, as in health care providers, who don’t meet his standards. Let’s not dwell on the fact that Republicans keep pretending that the market for health services is the same kind of ‘market’ as cable TV or gutter cleaning. When you discover your insurance doesn’t cover your cancer treatment, it is meaningless to recommend that you ‘fire’ your insurer and get a different one at that point. No, let’s not dwell on that today.

Let’s dwell on what he actually said, IN the context in which he said it. He was talking about choice, and it was an interesting choice of words. Everybody likes choice in the marketplace. He COULD have said he likes choice in the marketplace. He COULD have said he likes options in the marketplace. He COULD have said he likes competition in the marketplace. What he said was he likes to fire people. Who LIKES to fire people? When your plumber is too slow or your electrician is late, do you LIKE to fire them? I guess maybe some of you do. Now you have a candidate who feels your pleasure.