Then there was a video on the internet that had a cute animal being cute and you could watch it. Somebody put it up there and you could watch. It was really cute. Adorable, even. And also funny, because the animal was just so cute that you had to laugh. If only there were more of those to watch.

Luckily there are other videos you can watch and sigh your obligatory sigh. My favorite variety of internet video is the robot kind. They’re so cute too! The soccer playing robots in particular! They come in many shapes, from rolling boxes (not all that cute) to little bipedal humanoids, to robot dogs (hey, no fair on the cuteness angle!) It’s the humanoid ones I find most interesting.

They are so awkward, yet well-meaning! It’s all they can do to lift one foot to kick the ball without falling over. And they often do fall over! Sometimes in a cascade, like dominoes! Awww! But then the eerie part. The ungainly, whirring, fallen apparatus gathers its little self together, then stands back up! Wuh-oh. What does this tell us? One word. Relentless. They are coming for us, and they won’t be falling over much longer. Better start thinking about your goalie skills.