I have to take a break from “issues,” and I’ve been avoiding them this week in this blog. Sometimes dander is up, sometimes it is down. We have a budget deal that we’re supposed to be grateful for even though it gets the short term and long terms issues inverted and therefore doubly wrong. But hey, they COOPERATED in getting both halves exactly backwards, that’s bi-partisan! But there I go getting dragged into issues again. I blame you.

Yesterday I talked about building Stonehenge, and how I wanted to. Yes I’m a bit late to the worksite, but maybe I could build a new one. There’s a guy who maybe figured out how they moved those giant stones. He made some Stonehenge-sized slabs of concrete and can move them around BY HIMSELF using nothing but the teeter-totter principle of pivoting them on a PEBBLE, or lifting them by rocking their ends up and down and piling a wood scaffolding underneath as it rises. Pretty impressive, and maybe right, but he did have the advantage of working on a hard concrete-paved surface, not damp sod. But still! By himself! And his blocks were ugly concrete. But still again!

But if I don’t have the time and space right now to build Stonehege, maybe I’ll make a terrarium. Tiny can be good! I made one once with teeny plants in a big glass bowl with a glass top and it lasted for years and years and you could peer in and imagine you were going to… Hey!...build a circle in there of gravel arranged like Stonehenge! Hmmm, I may have just solved all my desires with that thought.