Eventually we will get the 1960’s settled. It will evidently take until the last of the survivors are dead of old age or lack of health care. While it often SEEMS as though the main point of contention in the 2012 election is that we’re still trying to decide the 1980’s, as retro as that would be, in some sense it’s the Yesterday of the Beatles’ era we’re stuck on. In the 1960’s the python swallowed the planet and I guess that takes a LONG time to pass through.

The nation had some overdue business to attend to, and decided to attend to it all at once. Civil rights, sexual rights, women’s rights and all the rest of those rights of people who were not necessarily the same as us. Oh, and the environment.Throw in a war on poverty. And a war in Vietnam which if we lost would mean that the Soviet Union would triumph, which we did and they didn’t, but it led to some kinda divisive definitions about who was patriotic and such. It all climaxed with the 1973 recession which put an end to the postwar Cornucopia Economy and we’ve been at each others’ throats ever since.

Eventually the country will come to terms with the fact that the 1950’s was a culturally frozen peculiarity that had to end, and that America needed to move on into a future that included more than one model for living and a broader definition of fairness. By and large, the progressive reforms that followed have already triumphed, and should and will. With the glaring exception, as of now, of prosperity-sharing. But wow, the indigestion!