More Romney Day One News. The GOP tax plan will benefit the wealthy! If you read the story carefully, you will be confused, which is the whole idea behind shell games. Lack of specifics, differences between Romney and Paul Ryan, charges of partisanship all serve to obscure the obvious direction of GOP plans. “You’ll be shifting the burden of the tax code toward the middle class.”

Stop the presses! What? More tax cuts for the wealthy and shift the burden onto you and me? Shocked, shocked! But if that were true, why would Romney be getting all those huge donations from the uber-rich? Incomprehensible! Sigh. Here we are, AGAIN, at the crux. The GOP is arguing, STILL, that the investor class needs MORE money. When will it end? It will NEVER end! When does greed end?

The strange part of the tale is how they keep selling this to American voters. Oh, yeah! Those expensive TV ads that the rich donors pay for. The ads that DON’T really make the economic argument. Ads that tell you the election is about everything OTHER than shoveling more wealth upward. Are the ads the only way Americans decide who to vote for? You tell me. That smart investor class seems to understand a good investment when they see one.