It's starting to look like labor unions share a trait with Democracy. Each is the worst possible form except for all the alternatives.

The litany of complaints and charges against unions is long and well-known. I could compile it blindfolded, and some of it from personal experience. Sure, everybody will grant unions the head-shaking to-be-sures about the important role they played way back when and whatnot, but look around NOW and all you see are the selfish system-gumming impediments to the sleek engines of modern global capitalism. Well look fast, because unions seem to on their last legs. And there HAS to be some better way to support workers' rights, assuming you still think they may even have such things as rights. And some better way to help ensure that the fruits of the economy get shared in some justifiable proportions. But do you happen to know of such a better way? Please share.

And how are we feeling now that we are staring, each of us our own autonomous individual self, into the front end of those sleek engines of modern global capitalism that have already sucked in and shredded all those slightly-less-agile-than-us unemployed? Those engines sure are making things ever cushier for the tiny few in the first-class cabin. Better check to see what's written on YOUR ticket.