Well, of course I had to bite on this one.


A hyper-hyper fast train idea, right here on the ground of earth incorporated, and not another goal-less mission to another dead-zone in outer space. Take your pick out there, it is ALL dead zones in space.

This idea, of course, has a couple of problems, as every visionary idea does. Let’s start with cost, which is stratagem #1 for taking down any idea that is exciting. The Hyperloop will cost more than projected. A given. Immaterial. We’re just having a conversation about it at this point, and talk is cheap. Then there is capacity. It’s not sufficient to fire ONE person at bullet speed the length of California. How MANY can you move that fast in a day? Details, details. Elon Musk is just throwing the idea out there, and we want some of these ideas from those visionary rich guys who know (and own) everything.

But we need more than their ideas. We need their money! Mr. Musk says he doesn’t expect this idea to necessarily make him a ton of money. That’s a start. What we want is for ideas like this to COST him a lot of money! He says Hyperloop would cost about $6 billion, which if he paid for it himself would just about clean him out. Frankly, I’d rather he invest that money in Tesla and make another $6B getting Americans into electric cars. Better than Hyperloop, even. But after he’s doubled or tripled his fortune doing that, then he can gift the Loop to the nation out of his own pocket, because it would make him, and us, feel good. Hey rich people, what is money FOR, you might ask! We’re happy to tell you because we don’t have any.