I just had my first Turkeyless Thankgiving. This was unexpected. I actually LIKE turkey, yes the FLAVOR of turkey, something I know has not been scientifically proven to actually exist.

But a Turkeyless Thanksgiving was inevitable, I guess, given the nature of my family and their complete, and I do mean complete indifference to tradition. It’s not rebellious RESISTANCE to tradition, or defiant OVERTURNING of the old order. No, nothing as revolutionary or high-spirited as that. Nobody but me likes turkey, so the menu got changed. As simple as that. Is browned CAULIFLOWER a Thanksgiving favorite? I don’t know, but there it was. It was good. The whole meal was good. The conversation was good. The traditions were not invited. I’m wondering now if the day itself is in danger of being not celebrated sometime in the future, as people might just not be reading the calendar that year.

Tradition is what holds families together, just not mine. Lack of tradition is what holds our family together, except ‘together’ is not exactly the right word. People in my family tend to be pretty independent. And we love each other for it. I guess that’s our tradition.