What you learn in life doesn’t so much accumulate as move around like a sandbar. You want it to all start making sense the way a movie (Hollywood movie) does, but it won’t. You keep coming up against the fact that the world is swarming with people with the natural human tendency to go for the goodies when they think they can get them and others be damned. Luckily, this is a fuel that runs the engines of capitalism and it puts a lot of nice things on the shelves, but also has a tendency to encourage people to double-cross enemies and friends alike. But today let us think about May.

May of course is the best month there is. We can have a democracy for other things, but I get to name the best month, and May it is. The foliage is out in full, and even the mistakes you made in your garden look good right now. Even weeds look good right now. Rain? Just makes the greenery into the lush “ sweetness of the wet garden” from the song Morning Has Broken. Yes you may picture me as Pan with his pipes, bounding o’er brook and hummock, serenading life and love in a springtime frolic of merriment.

Of course, we know that the summer heat and chewing bugs and the proliferosity of the weeds lurk just ahead to desiccate, perforate and annihilate the soft luminous world that burgeons in May, but that’s a worry for tomorrow, or August. In August I might describe to you the technique of lying still and going into a trance induced by the drone of August insects. But today, observe, as I dance across the mossy glade.