Tonight’s “town hall” debate will celebrate America’s tradition of “the town hall meeting” that no longer exists. Americans coming together in a single room to display an impressive array of misunderstand the policy choices before them. Hence the “takeaway” from the first two debates: Obama “looked down too much” and lost. Biden “smiled too much” and won. The common denominator here? Energetics! You would almost have to make up such things as advice I’ve read to “watch the debates with the sound turned off to see who won.”

Tonight, Romney and Obama will be appearing dressed as mimes and will act out their policy positions with no sound. Obama will pull on the “invisible rope” trying to get the “economic car” out of the “ditch.” Romney will do the “trapped in a glass box” of “regulations” and show us his “tax returns” and “tax plans” which of course will be “invisible.” The main thing will be of course, who has the most Energetics. Possibly the questioners will act out their questions. Maybe Candy Crowley can moderate with Navy Signal Flags.

I don’t mean to scoff. Or rather I don’t want to scoff meanly. Democracy gets at the truth in imperfect ways, but usually gets in the ballpark. But the issues in this campaign are few and starightforward. The crucial one is the same old economics argument between Bushonomics and Clintonomics. You can either listen to the two of them oversimplify that argument, or read up on it, or judge it on Energetics. Your choice. Or just do some remembering. You’ve acted out both of them already yourself.