I’ve got an idea. Let’s build a city, half underground and half under the ocean. Really deep and big. It will be hard to do. Let’s dig down to where there’s plenty of fossil fuels RIGHT THERE so we can live in harmony with them. We can dig giant rooms that are carved to look like natural rock formations, a drippy Vincent Price theme park. With tunnels out to rooms under the ocean where giant vampire squids try to latch onto our faces with their blood-funnels, but can’t because of the really thick glass ceilings.

Why not? We have underemployed people and soon will have armies of robots sitting around looking for gifts from the government. Let’s start digging. Then we can be safe from the howling climate catastrophe we’ve created above ground. The “pragmatists” will point out that this would be “very expensive”. But guess what? It would still be about 1000 times cheaper and easier than to try to pull some similar colonizing stunt on, say, MARS.

People apparently need a project. Sitting there at your computer doing WHATEVER it is you’re doing was fun for a while, but now? Which sounds like more fun, watching yet ANOTHER cute video of a cat falling into a box, followed by MORE hours of tedious bouts with data management, or digging underground caves? Inspired yet? Grab a shovel! Apparently just protecting our current atmosphere isn’t inspiring enough.