Here’s an item you may have missed, which is surprising since the internet (do we still call it that?) is pretty effective at disseminating remarkable stories. For example, I’ve seen multiple references and pictures of a thing called a Blobfish, which has been named the word’s ugliest animal. This is a football-sized gelatinous mass with an sad old man’s face and has no muscles and apparently just gloobs around waiting for food to float by. I had an uncle like that.

But I saw only one reference to this other matter, which was more striking to me than the Blobfish.

Priest celibacy open for discussion! Really? A question worth discussing, do you think? Let’s see, looking back and considering it from an angle or two. Is there anything that might not be healthy in getting adults to promise to never have any sex forever and not to think about it either? Discuss. What could go wrong? Possibly individuals who end up channeling un-extinguishable desires into, let us say, unhealthy avenues? Or how about the idea that all that repressing might tend to make this particular aspect of normal adult life into a strange institutional obsession that might, you know, distort the focus of what constitutes moral behavior, or morality in general. I don’t know, just asking. Interesting that this question is open for discussion now, because it didn’t seem to be before. Might be healthy. Like sex!

Even the Blobfish, after all, sometimes gets some.