Can we PLEASE move along now? We are so dramatically stuck in a time warp of worn-out talking points that there is almost no further point to talking. Does the national political debate bear ANY resemblance to meaning? Mitch McConnell says shutting down the government is not a good plan. Really? Does this actually count as an ‘idea’ now? Have we sunk so low as that?

How about “Running over pedestrians with a forklift will not solve healthcare.” Is that an idea too? “Using peanut brittle instead of concrete will not solve our infrastructure problem.” So true!

Employment and income? Let’s not talk about those. How to better deliver affordable healthcare? Let’s argue about sticky websites instead. Climate? Let’s just pretend there. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria? Wuh? Deficits? Let’s administer a bloodtest for anti-tax purity for that subject. How about education?

Oh! That one I can answer. You’ll never get kids oriented toward intelligent learning in a culture where the adults show no interest in it.