The solution to the U.S. education problem is:

A) Better schools

B) Higher teacher pay

C) Break the unions

D) Embrace our inner stupid

Answer: D. Final grade: D. Explanation: Duh. The answer is D because, as Sherlock Holmes famously observed, once you’ve eliminated the impossible, the only thing left is the right answer. The reason education doesn’t get fixed is that people don’t want to fix it. There is no love of learning in this country. If we loved learning, science would be taught as though we meant it, and not still subject to confusion about whether the ark came before or after the dinosaurs. The elites have never pressed this issue either, except for their own kids. Bill Gates excepted, though it may now be too late.

Too late because of the coming tidal wave of Artificial Intelligence, which is bound to surprise us as everything has. What on earth will be the point of our confused erratic minds grappling with tasks that computers will regard as child’s play? Including creating the next generations of AI. We are going to be out of the loop, man! Maybe it’s time to just settle back and live out our days contentedly as soft, warm, protoplasm. Just don’t forget to feed us!