Let me think out loud here, even though text isn’t actually very loud. Until I am altogether obliterated by the sands of indifference, which blow thick and persistently across the land, I shall talk about New Arcadia Project a little more today.

New Arcadia is my proposal for a different way to conceive of what we’re up to in life. I think we’ve more or less played out the Market is Everything and Consumption is Happiness idea, so time for something a little better. A project! Anybody ready for a project? New Arcadia is premised on recognizing that computerization and robotics are about to yield up an opportunity. An opportunity to make a new run at some old ideas. Ideas like productive use of greater leisure, pursuit of arts and participatory athletics, and creating beauty, oh yes beauty, in a reinvigorated public civic space. In a word, something you would be proud to call American civilization. Okay, that’s two words. This is still vague enough to be nearly meaningless, but hey, give me a little time on this.

But today I want to mention a different part of New Arcadia, and that is an ongoing recognition, appreciation and restoration of ecoregions. Here’s what that is all about: http://www.fs.fed.us/rm/ecoregions/products/map-ecoregions-united-states/# New Arcadia isn’t just strolling around amongst classical columns, although there will be some of that. There is purposeful work to be done! Restoring the heavily damaged treasures of the natural world, including those close to home, will be a significant part of it. A healthy ecosystem? It’s hard to beat that for intrinsic beauty.