I resolve this year to continue to get up every morning and put my shoes on and then take them off again and put them on the correct feet and then realize I don’t have my pants on yet but think I can maybe get them on over my shoes but then realize my shoes are stuck in the legs like toasters in a python and back out of my pants and skip forward in this narrative to where I’m down in the kitchen more or less dressed after a fashion that you will not find pictured in a fashion magazine, standing up to eat my breakfast because even though it’s only 5 in the morning I still worry about getting to work early enough to catch the worms that the early bird catches although worms are not what I want to think about when I’m about to pour my cereal which is half Cheerios and half Honey Nut Cheerios because the first isn’t sweet enough and the second is too sweet which I mixed together the night before to save time and not because I’m obsessive compulsive, although maybe I am a little bit and I should resolve to relax but not now because I have to finish my cereal and put the two pre-made peanut butter and jam (not jelly) sandwiches into my man purse and get out the door to catch the subway which is WAY up that damn hill that I didn’t study closely enough before I bought the house but I appreciate now because it’s the best exercise I get of the day except the swimming I do after work and work is what I need to think about now because if I show up at work distracted by other things I won’t be able to come up with four cartoon ideas even though I only need one, but I need to do more than one so I have a better chance of producing a good one and I can put one of them up here as my daily Sketch feature and still have two left over as backups in case I don’t have any ideas tomorrow even though I always do because No Ideas is not an option in that it would demonstrate a lack of the mental urgency I need to do the job properly, ie would be Personal Failure, and try not to look at emails which would only distract because they feature a lot of musicians in my life who have strangely complicated schedules which prevent them from coming to rehearsals regularly and I have to remember not to take that personally because that just leads to bad feelings when what I need to do is stay focused on the positive part of music which is how much I love it but I need to practice more because I don’t always get in the full hour after swimming like I intend to but I can’t think about that now when I need to be thinking about cartoon ideas before I write this Blog Post for you to read to give you an entertaining glimpse of someone who is, thank heavens for you, more tortured and neurotic than you are, because it’s therapeutic for someone like me to be able to share. And Happy New Year.

To be continued.