I’ve written before that it feels to me like we’re in an entirely new era. That 1980-2008 will be written in the shimmering pixels of history ebooks as the Reagan Era and there’s nothing I can do to stop that. What comes next is the puzzler. But I’ve brewed a new batch of soapwater for my Thoughtful Bubble Pipe. The bubbles have the darkish hue of a Monday. Sorry.

If the world economy continues to recover, we could be looking at democracy, prosperity, technological marvels and some fateful decisions about the spiritual aimlessness thing. We all cheer on the advance of civilization, but we didn’t notice that the nearer our destination the more we were slip slidin’ away. Civilization has to be ABOUT something. I think at one time it was something to do with The Arts and such. And then? Shopping, as far as I can tell. We have toyed with the idea of rediscovering the crucial foundation that our lives rest on in the natural world and creating a new healing relationship with it. Then, not so much. Of late, it’s been last call at the buffet table, and I do mean LAST call.

And if the global recovery falters? Let’s leave that one for a Monday in midwinter.