The political party which likes to think of itself as the religious one seems to be having doubts about the divine guidance at work in the favored land. The wayward citizens seem to have used their Freedom, but used it to elect the Wrong Candidate. Divine Punishment is eagerly anticipated.

But since Divine Punishment seems slow in arriving, with economic statistics picking up and all, they are now toying with the idea of hurrying the Wrath along by taking Divine Punishment into their Own Hands, and Shutting the Government Down over the debt ceiling. This will in effect be the same as Shutting the Economy Down, which in turn will be Shutting Your Personal Prosperity Down. Feeling chastised yet? Want to say you’re sorry? Too late!

The normal electoral process is no longer good enough for this certain political party, as it didn’t work out for them this time. So anger and frustration have happened. Anger and frustration need to find an outlet, and therefore something needs to get broken. Something nearby. You are nearby. And since the normal electoral process isn’t now good enough, neither then is the normal legislative process. The debt-ceiling law, which merely requires that Congress authorize payment for spending IT HAS ALREADY VOTED FOR, is now contemplated for use to WRECK EVERYTHING. The rationale? The rationale is that we are not moving fast enough to Austerity. And if we DO move faster to Austerity? This is funny, because if we do that the result will be the same! The economy, and your prosperity, will come to a grinding halt! Heads you lose, tails you lose! Can’t get enough of that Punishment. Quite the belief system.