And now, in the only poll that counts, it’s time to get up out of your chair, turn off the TV, try to forget the clotted beehive of political ads churning and swarming inside your skullcase, go to your polling place, if you can find it, get in line, yes waaaay back there at the end of the line, put your head down and see if you can plow your way through the maze of deliberate attempts to make your sacred voting right as difficult as possible, and cast your ballot, if you haven’t cast it already, which you should have if you could have. Then collect your “I voted” sticker.

You, as a voter, can make it harder and harder for the GOP to act as though Democratic presidents are somehow illegitimate if you keep electing them. This will force them to rethink their strategy of attempting to roll back American history to the century of their choosing . They can do this needed rethinking, or they can simply age and die off, it will be their choice. Your choice will be whether to get them started on this bridge to the future, or their currently preferred bridge over Goldwater.

As I’ve said, Obama has already been re-elected here in this Blog, and will remain so for at least one more day. But out there in the REAL WORLD, things will be as you say they will be. So it’s time to put away snark for a few sentences. Go be a US citizen and vote. And whatever the result, can we ALL be Americans again now, please?