And so here we go again with flood and fire season in America, the new normal. It’s amazing what you can sleep through. We decided (if decided is the word, which it isn’t, because deciding implies doing some thinking, which we didn’t) to do nothing, and I do mean nothing, to prevent climate change, and instead deny, and then joke, and then claim we’ll “adapt.” Adapting means hoping the flood arrives simultaneously with the fire, to put it out.

The fossil fuel industry, with the willing or complacent help of the public, i.e. the “consumer” to engage in what will go down in history as the greatest display of foolish self-congratulatory deception of all time. The debate on carbon dioxide has been made deliberately baroque, make that rococo, to buy time, to sell fuel. We bought it all. The fuel, the lies, and now the flooding, the wildfires, the flattening winds, the endlessly skyrocketing costs. The buyer did not beware.

Want the straightforward version, just for old time’s sake? The hard data, that was just to mesmerizingly worrisome to focus on? Here it is! That’s right! Carbon dioxide, a known and universally acknowledged heat-trapping gas, has been, and still is increasing rapidly, and steadily, in the atmosphere. You can speculate that maybe somehow, something will cause the obvious likely outcome not to happen, but why would you want to do that, exactly? And still we burn. And still we burn.