No, the media is not especially interested in tracking down the innumerable ways the rich have positioned themselves in the governing process. This follows pretty predictably from their lack of interest in reporting the massive transfer of wealth in the first place. Yawn, and yawn, they say to all that. Let’s focus instead on the colorful cast of characters in Congress, even as we careen toward catastrophe. Who’ll blink first??? Hey, colorful! Guess which color we may be seeing soon. So let me remind you of the underlying situation. The wealth distribution in the United States has changed PROFOUNDLY, and it continues as you read this.

You can’t solve a problem if you refuse to face the factors. Whether or not this change is strangling the economy, as this list suggests, or not, it is surely changing it. But what is getting strangled right now is our government. Nobody sensible is going to make the argument that the rich will not inevitably accrue disproportionate political power. Oh wait, the Supreme Court conservatives tried to make that case, and did it this very week, but I repeat, nobody sensible will. Everybody, in their day-to-day lives, understands the intrinsic power of wealth, and yet somehow the entire national discourse has essentially excluded this factor from the list of reasons the government is no longer functioning.

Let me restore to your attention one fact: The KEY stumbling block on the Republican side is their adamant refusal to consider raising taxes on the rich, NO MATTER WHAT.

Happenstance, do you think?