Finally the thundering boulder of unfocused outrage at Obamacare has rolled into substantive territory. One of my commenters taunted me yesterday for avoiding this story, and I am happy he brought it up.

The critics are desperate for an AHA! moment, and my guess is this is as close as they are going to get. Some people feel they are worse off. Let’s have at it on this score, because this is where the argument ought to be. Health care delivered vs cost per patient. The point has already been made that a good number of those who are losing their beloved insurance actually had garbage plans that didn’t really cover anything for all their paltry fees, but that’s not the point I want to make. I’ll make two different ones.

The first one is okay, suppose there ARE people who will pay more for not much different coverage. NOT FAIR. Okay, what is fair, then? To go back to where we were before when millions had NO coverage and couldn’t get any? Is that fair? The vaporware of the never-detailed GOP “alternative”? Nobody going to get an unpleasing deal there right? Who knows, because it is a debate we will never have, because it is a plan that is never spelled out. But I’d be happy to hear the case for it. Comparative spreadsheets, please.

But more important than this, of course, is the obvious better alternative that we also never really debated. Single payer. Eventually, if you want to have a serious discussion about health insurance, you have my permission to start by discussing the real solution.