I might as well go all in on this. Why not? The debate on Obamacare has become so disingenuous as it is that one can say anything one wants without fear of dragging it any lower.

So here we go: Obama wins again. I scratched around at this theme a bit last week, and have concluded that I was on the right track, as usual, and am now prepared to declare that I was right about everything all along. Last week was the low point for Obamacare. Things are gradually improving and will continue to. And the one thing you can (almost) count on in the American Silly Circus of public ‘debate’ is a short attention span. The Accident Gawk Patrol needs to move on to find, or create, some new calamity to shake their heads at.

But substantively I was right too. The signing of Obamacare WAS the watershed. In case there are those of you who aren’t exactly sure what the metaphor ‘watershed’ means, it’s the line along the top of a mountain ridge where rainfall flows either one way or the other. Keep that imagery in mind for one or two more sentences until I’m done here. We have crossed the watershed from You’re On Your Own, Pal to the concept of Universal Coverage, and yes I am confident that we are not going back. Once the debate shifted from the website to Who Is Covered and At What Price, the game was over. Universal Coverage will never lose this argument. Obama’s approval rating may continue to slide down toward the zero bound, but he won this, and that’s that.