“You’re either with us or against us.” This is one of the expressions one hears that I hate the most. Pretty common though, and the human brain is evidently wired to respond to it. Good mechanism for wartime. And that is apparently what it is about. War.

Evidence is mounting that that’s what’s going on now. Warfare. The Tea Party has concluded amongst itself that the Federal Government needs to be brought to its knees, and that they are willing to sacrifice the economy and whatever else to accomplish that. No prisoners needed. Certain things logically follow from this.

Either they win, or they are contained, or they are defeated. That’s all your choices. Containment sounds appealing, but the first line of defense here is the rest of the Republican Party, if that part still exists. The supposed moderates have gotten so cozy with the TP (Tea cozy!) over the decades that they are hard to tell apart at 30 paces. Any efforts at this point to distance or differentiate gets you primaried. “With or against,” you know!

So if the GOP can’t contain this faction, the whole GOP will need to be contained, or defeated. Hard logic. Hard outcomes.