The story that never ends! Romney is inevitable, except for this, or that, or him, or her, or something, or other. But he keeps grinding on, like a pavement saw on a summer afternoon. But the media need a story, so we alternate Romney Is Inevitable with Romney Can’t Put It Away.

Romney has put it away. So what shall we write about now? I have an idea. Follow the Money. Always a good place to start. Always. Want to demystify the mysterious and difficult ways in American politics? Follow the money. It won’t explain everything. Just almost everything.

Here’s an excellent installment. Obama’s big-money backers defecting to Romney! Even in Obama’s own back yard! You can take this as an Uh-oh for Obama! A failure of some sort. A failure to represent the wishes of the rich sufficiently. But Romney is swamping the field with dough, it’s probably winning the day for him in the primaries, and may again in November, and I say let’s just have a look. And then let’s keep looking. At the money. All of it. Both sides. At the real story.