Of all the flips that Mitt Romney has made, this is the biggest flop. There are legitimate reasons to change positions, not that he has evidenced any need for legitimate reasons, expediency has always proven more than sufficient. New information comes in, and a smart, principled person adjusts. But then there is the person who, in the face of new information goes the OTHER way, and takes a new position that he KNOWS to be wrong. That is a Romney-class flop.

If you want to see something resembling a PRINCIPLED reaction to data, here’s one. But will it make a difference to Romney? No, because he doesn’t care enough about this to tell the truth. He’d rather be president, and the rest of us can deal with the droughts and flooding and food shortages and refugees. It’s the Bain approach. Find the opportunities for profit and spin off the losses, spin up the explanation, and assume the world keeps spinning too.

Unfortunately now the world is spinning on a roasting spit, and last I checked, we’re all still passengers.