June is good for one thing: Everything. I think I said that May is the best month, and it is, except June is even better. For those of you (me) who battle the gremlins of “Seasonal Affective Disorder” (SAD) we are now experiencing the flipside of that, “June, Oh Yeah!” (JOY). There is something to be said for the manic side of manic-depression.

We always have a party the first weekend in June and I always am a bad host. I say hi to the first one or two people who come in the door, then I put on the dance music and dance until three or so in the morning. Come on, it’s June. We can talk in December. Today let’s dance.

The garden looks great in May, but is in full perfection now. A lush yet tidy little jungle. The dragons and monsters and all the hard things in life are still out there, but like vampires, the sunlight drives them back and away. And more June to come. Don’t miss it.