I didn’t used to think of Romney as reprehensible. But he’s doing a good job of changing my opinion about that as his campaign flowers and brings forth its fetid fruit.

I didn’t expect the Mitt to mention climate change, directly or indirectly at his convention. I didn’t think he would want to disturb the little bubble of illusion that the GOP lives in where they can avoid thinking about it for a little longer. But to my surprise, he DID mention it. As a joke! His big joke of his big night! “President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans and to heal the planet” Romney sneered, with a pause, waiting for the houseful of goofballs to howl at the the thought Of course they obliged. A real Romney zinger aimed at Obama’s poor priorities. Imagine, wanting to work on the economy AND climate. Both AT THE SAME TIME!

Wow. Just wow. The very week that Isaac reminded everyone how rising ocean levels could destroy people’s lives, Romney thinks is a good week to joke about making an effort to prevent that. This is not coming from a man too stupid to understand climate science. He understands it just fine. It comes from a man so unprincipled he will milk it for laughs as a storm bears down on New Orleans, no less. One can only hope a rising tide will sink his campaign.